Reiki is a Japanese stress reduction technique that helps to bring the mind, body and spirit into greater balance. In-person sessions are 60-minutes, fully clothed, and the Reiki practitioner utilizes their hands in hovering positions to direct healing energy to the body. Clients report feeling peaceful and a deep sense of calm. Bright Light's Alyson Lyon offers optional intuitive work alongside her Reiki (the option to just receive Reiki is always available) and follows her sessions by discussing her written Session Notes which include intuitive messages and suggested practices for better energy flow specific to the client.

Distance Reiki involves the Reiki practitioner sending Reiki at a specified time to a client who is not present, and it is equally effective as In-person Reiki. Bright Light's Alyson Lyon offers this for clients who are not in Chicago or if travel is a challenge for any reason. Client Mackenzie W. states, "My Distance Reiki session with Alyson left me feeling optimistic and inspired. There was no doubt that even without being in the same room, I could feel an intense sense of energetic activity throughout my body. Her Session Notes were supportive and full of great insight."

Reiki does not replace medical or psychological advice or treatment. It does work well alongside other healing modalities. Whether in-person or at a distance, Reiki may help provide stress relief and allow the body and mind to relax which encourages the natural healing process. Additionally, Reiki is not a religion; it acknowledges the life force in all.

Reiki Session Pricing:

Intro Session (First Time Clients): $99/60min

Single Session: $125/60 min

Packages: 4 Sessions @ $120 = $480

                   8 Sessions @ $110 = $880

Book your session here:

Upon booking, a Service Agreement and Invoice with PayPal link will be emailed and are to be completed upon receipt.

*Please note, for Distance Sessions, email to set up a 15-min call prior to your session. 

Private Reiki Trainings:

- Private Intro to Reiki -$125/60 min

This is a great option for those who would like to learn more about Reiki. Whether you are considering doing a Reiki training or just want to learn more before having a full session, this one-on-one Intro class will address your questions, provide you with an informational handout and resources, and you'll also experience a brief 20-minute Reiki session.  

-Private and Small Group Reiki 1, 2, Master and Master Teacher Level Trainings are available by appointment -- Email for scheduling and pricing.