"I have been to In-person Reiki sessions with Alyson previously, but I admit I was skeptical at receiving the same benefits through a Distance Session.  My doubts were quickly put to rest. Almost immediately I could feel the energy as it moved through my body, and just as during an In-person Session, I fell into an extremely relaxed state.  I highly recommend you book a distance Reiki session with Alyson ." -Gary G.

"My Distance Reiki session with Alyson left me feeling optimistic and inspired. There was no doubt that even without being in the same room, I could feel an intense sense of energetic activity throughout my body. Her Session Notes were supportive and full of great insight." -Mackenzie W.

"Learning and being trained in Reiki from Alyson, is simply life-changing. She has a deep abundance of knowledge, experience, and insight as a Reiki Master Teacher, and it shows in how she teaches and works patiently, with love and devotion to this healing power. She guides you to tap into your abilities and heart-opening capabilities. I plan on doing all levels with Alyson and can’t imagine a greater gift to myself and to help others in their healing."-Rajni T.

I would highly recommend Alyson. She is an exceptional Reiki Master. I have been her client for some time. I always feel more balanced, calmer and less stressed after our sessions. She has a high level of understanding of what kind of energy my body needs and what needs to be cleared. She also will speak to you after your session and will  provide you her insight of what she observed and will provide suggestions on ways to keep your energy levels balanced. I find this to be very helpful and a great way to track my progress when I go back to see her."

-Maricela S. 

"I attended Bright Light's Chair Yoga at WeWork and would recommend it for anyone in a corporate environment looking to refocus and re-energize themselves. It was a much needed break in my day, and I felt completely refreshed afterwards." -Alexandra S.  

"Alyson is genuine and truly such a bright light. Not only is her overall presence so wonderful to be around, but she has a true gift with yoga and Reiki." -Chelsey R.

"I highly recommend Alyson as a yoga teacher and Reiki practitioner. My session was full of insights, and I felt cared for and nourished. She provided info about my chakras and meditation practice that was helpful. Alyson is a skilled guide and loving person." -Joanne B.

"I felt so at peace after having Reiki done by Alyson. She also took the time to make recommendations to maintain good energy flow. I would highly recommend her. She is truly gifted." -Maricela S.

"Now that I'm becoming aware of my mind-body connection, Reiki is really helpful. I felt very at ease and calm throughout the session. I would definitely recommend Alyson!" -John B.   

"Alyson has such a compassionate, gentle, loving spirit, and it radiates into her work as a healer.  I could feel a shift in my energy after she started, and she provided really helpful insight after my session. I would highly recommend Alyson for anyone interested in Reiki!" -Anjali K. 

"Getting Reiki from Alyson was insightful and rejuvenating. I am deeply appreciative of the kindness and wisdom she shared during our session." -Ann Marie W. 

"I've been going to Alyson for over three months now, and I couldn't be happier with her Reiki services. The sessions are so therapeutic - emotionally, mentally, and physically. I leave feeling cleansed and balanced and like I'm my healing path." -Julie B.