Reiki is a Japanese stress reduction technique founded by Dr. Usui n the early 1900s that can aid in bringing the mind, body and spirit into greater balance. People who have experienced a Reiki session generally report feeling peaceful, a deep sense of calm and find it to be a meditative experience. Reiki can be done in-person, in a group setting or via a Distance session.

Distance Reiki is an internal part of the Reiki practice and involves the Reiki practitioner sending Reiki at a specified time to a client who is not present, and it is equally effective as In-person Reiki. 

Reiki does not replace medical or psychological advice or treatment. It does work well alongside other healing modalities. Whether in-person or at a distance, Reiki may help provide stress relief and allow the body and mind to relax which encourages the natural healing process. Additionally, Reiki is not a religion; it acknowledges the life force in all.